Lowside Works

It is an already established practice now in commercial vertical that the builder constructs the complete structure with basic HVAC requirements. The building with Chillers and pipeline connecting the Air Handling Units (AHUs), located in respective AHU rooms of various floors. These AHUs are designed to deliver a pre-Designed cooling capacity and for a pre-designed Area of the floor. In a nut shell the builder has floors with AHUs (connected to the Chilling Unit), ready to deliver the AC to the area to be occupied.

When a customer (usually from Software business) is ready/decides to occupy, along with the other services the Air-Condition works (primarily air distribution work) will be called for and this work is popularly known as LOW SIDE WORKS.

The Air distribution work comprises of Ducting for Supply air from the AHUs, associated branch works, connecting through Butterfly dampers, flexible ducts and mixing boxes for each Supply Air Diffusers. The ducts will be thermally efficient air delivery and acoustically insulated for low noise. The AHU rooms are also acoustically insulated. The air from AHU is distributed to various branches through an acoustically insulated Plenum. There may be associated works such as providing dedicated AC H/W or cassette split units for Server or UPS rooms as required completing the HVAC works.

MAGNCOOL Engineers are experts in carrying out Low side works at in a very short span of time. We have installed 5000 Sqft of AC ducts in a single day. The AC Area of 13500 Sqft was completed by us in just 3 days!!! and We have carried out more than 4,00,000 square foot of AC area under Low Side works in the last year. We have bagged repeat orders from customers like Thomson Reuters, Adarsh Group, SAP labs, ITC, SG Software to name a few.

MAGNACOOL Engineers Have a very very efficient method and a just in time planning process for Low side works to deliver quick result. Our professionally drafted drawings are precise and take care of site conditions/difficulties and enable our site professionals to complete the work efficiently. The vendor network for such kind of works is very well established and our customers are very much impressed with our capability. We continue to serve our customers and deliver the real value for their money.