We have installed more than 50,000 TR of comfort air-conditioning in Bangalore. In addition, we have independent infrastructure and technical capabilities to design for special applications to achieve class 10,000 and class 1,00,000.

MAGNACOOL Engineers has executed and is executing many prestigious, fast track projects in and around Bangalore.


Customer Satisfaction Oriented Computerization

The entire operations are fully computerized and we have customized software, seamlessly integrated to cover the entire range of the operations from receipt of an order to after-sales service. Our customer-built software ensures that most of the operations are real time, especially those related to customer relations. Accounts, stores and Administration are also fully computerized and integrated to custom-built software.

The company has invested extensively in networking the entire office with the latest generation of server and computers. Our in-house design team is suitably equipped with the latest CAD tools.

The Project Software tracks, on a daily basis, the status of all the projects on hand and continuously monitors progress vis-à-vis schedules. All exceptions are notified through the network and corrective action is taken immediately.

The Service Software has the entire equipment data stored as also the Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) for each customer/equipment. The system monitors if PMS is done as per schedule and any exception is alerted automatically by the system to the directors. Similarly, all breakdown calls are registered on-line and a Computer-generated number is issued to the caller for future reference as well as monitoring. The system automatically generates an exception report if a problem is not resolved the same day. As far as the response time is concerned, our system ensures that in no circumstances response time does not exceed 3 Hours. In the unlikely case of a delay beyond 3 hours, the system notifies the directors immediately.